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My Biography of Knitting

Hi, my name is Samuel E. Barsky. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I am currently married with no children. I am learning disabled.

I was always somewhat interested in knitting. I had tried at times when I was growing up to teach myself the skill. But I never got a chance to learn until I was 24 years old, when I met the owners of one of the area's yarn shops at a flea market, where they were selling yarn. I inquired, and they offered to teach me.

The year was 1999. That was the same year I dropped out of nursing school. I was studying in college to be a registered nurse and working as a nurse assistant, but physical problems I was having that affected my mobility led to me give that up. I promptly set out to find a new path for my future.

When I had my first knitting lesson, I never imagined that I would be knitting very much or for very long. But I wanted to, at the very least, make a sweater. With a lot of help, I spent eight months, and sure enough, I made a solid-colored sweater. Soon after that, I wanted to continue, so I made another sweater, also solid colored.

Next, I wanted to try something different. I noticed Vogue Knitting had in their subscription cards a picture of a sweater the looked like a globe. It was called "Map of the World." I contacted Vogue and obtained a copy of the pattern. Within 5 months, I had the sweater made.

Next, I had to find a new project to work on. But all the patterns on the market looked boring compared to the "globe" pattern. I thought about designing my own. But I learned I needed knitter's graph paper, which I found the not to be very portable. And I like to carry around my projects with me.

So I decided to skip the graph paper and design something of my own, just going along in my mind. I gathered all the yarn I had, and put together the idea of a sweater with a picture of a waterfall. This was just the beginning of what you see I have produced to this date. Click here to read about it.

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